Friday, July 28, 2006

Work in Progress:

I want to kill

A little bit of me.

I want to disconnect

The air

The life

The glow

and the gloom.

I want to lose

That glue

That kept my parts on me.

I want to join

The bees

Bed bugs

And rats

That invade me

As if I was rotten by now.

I want to forget my name

My house

Your smile

Leave behind any trace

Of the vast empire of happy days

When I didn’t have scars

Or bites

Of this sweet and sour reality

Hidden behind the bars

Of a world of broadcasted freedom.

I want to survive myself

To find my inner child on google

To get wings put together with wax

And watch the sun arise

Just to feel the fall

And the failure.

I want to divorce from myself

On those noon tv shows

Where you have to be

Really violent

Sugar addicted

Post trauma stressed

Non cover girl looking

To apply to the magnanimous sense of universal pity.

I want to hire

A personal trainer who only drinks vitamin colored water

And does the most rainbow looking digestion,

A personal nutritionist who feed me

With flavorless food

And Brad Pitt ambitions,

A personal trainer that makes my body looks the farthest way possible of my current body

That way I can vote for myself on reality shows

Without the infinite guilty

That keeps awake the egocentrics.

I want to get hacked

By midnight lonely geeks

With aggressive skin problems.

I want my software infected

By spyware, destructionware and troyans

That way my soul

Is going to move

In any crazy direction

That the ones and zeros dictate.

I want to stop being my own god

And put my destiny on the hands

Of yoga, pilates or other mats oriented religions.

I want to stop being a romantic

And get as soon as possible a real state license

I want to call myself Mister Thompson

And have a perfect Wisconsin born wife

Two adorable kids that never learned Spanish

And one expensive dog with a wardrobe of its own.

I want to be a planet for myself

And push that tiny shiny red button

That way I can blow the universe

And only keep the tropic.

I want to get rid of me.


Eli. said...

...."To find my inner child on google"....
Acaso con un click se nos devuelve la risa? I come.
Sigue inspirado.

Luis Henao said...

nicolececilia said...

esta bien esto luis, tiene gestos geniales. hay uqe corregirle un par de cosas al inglés pa que quede perfecto. tenemos que hablar!